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07 January
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Tyler Reed & Morgan Black








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I like a hot muscle bottom servicing me but then again who doesn’t eh? Morgan Black didn’t waste much time getting his lips wrapped around my thick man meat and I didn’t waste any time shoving it down his throat either. But what Morgan really wanted was at my ass. Well to eat it anyways. So I rolled over and show him my big white beefy ass and he spread my cheeks and went to town getting my manhole all wet. Now my fans know I only let a privileged few eat me out. I thanked him for it by rolling him over and having him show me his muscle ass so I could start barebacking it and showing it how to take raw cock! I will have to admit he was not able to take it how I give it but that was probably cause I really fucked him hard twice the night before and really worked over his hole. So he was sore today!

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26 February
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Muscle Daddy Fuck

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Titan Men

At the club, Hans Berlin makes his way to the men’s room to piss, shaking his cock as he gets cruised through the doorway by Mike Tanner. Hans comes out and leans against the wall, the two rubbing their bulges as they stare at each other—their muscles bursting out of their tank tops. They approach and kiss, their beards bristling as Mike grabs Hans’ bulge. Hans sucks Mike’s hot cock, stroking his own uncut dick and grabbing Mike’s hairy pec as he slurps. Mike sucks his beefy bud back, his own cock throbbing on its own as he worships it. Mike gets on his back to take it up his hungry hole, an overhead shot capturing his hot toned bod as he gets pounded. “Squeeze your ass!” demands the top as he works. “I’ll fuck you ‘til you cum!” He pounds harder and faster, the two releasing their loads—Hans rubbing them onto the bottom’s bod.

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04 January
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Intergenerational Gay Sex










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Austin Ryan lost the big game for everyone and now he’s going to have to answer to Coach Jason Prode. Coach Jason snatches the ball away from Austin and kisses him. Austin’s shirt comes off and he begins blowing his coach. He grabs Jason’s balls as he deep throats his thick cock. They get undressed and Jason plays with Austin’s hairy ass while getting sucked. Coach Jason eats and fingers Austin’s sweaty hole. Austin takes his socks and shoes off so Coach can lick his feet. Jason blows Austin and worships his feet at the same time. Austin goes down on Jason to return the favor. Coach Jason pushes his thick pole into Austin’s scruffy man hole. He fucks him hard making him pay for losing the game. Austin moans with each thrust as Jason fucks him against a locker. Austin lays on the bench so Jason can eat him out. He sits up and sucks Jason before getting pounded deep. Jason pulls out and the hot dad and lad stroke their hard cocks. Austin Ryan shoots a thick load on his own furry abs. Jason Prode releases an explosion of cum all over Austin.

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29 July