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07 January
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Tyler Reed & Morgan Black








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I like a hot muscle bottom servicing me but then again who doesn’t eh? Morgan Black didn’t waste much time getting his lips wrapped around my thick man meat and I didn’t waste any time shoving it down his throat either. But what Morgan really wanted was at my ass. Well to eat it anyways. So I rolled over and show him my big white beefy ass and he spread my cheeks and went to town getting my manhole all wet. Now my fans know I only let a privileged few eat me out. I thanked him for it by rolling him over and having him show me his muscle ass so I could start barebacking it and showing it how to take raw cock! I will have to admit he was not able to take it how I give it but that was probably cause I really fucked him hard twice the night before and really worked over his hole. So he was sore today!

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